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Five things to think about when considering sand and refinishing

Restoring your wood floors is one way of increasing your home's property, whether or not you are planning to sell. The first thing to think about: Consider a professional service. Don’t try to DIY it!

Professional Installed Floors has been in business since 1986. A veteran-owned and member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), we’re often sought out by Atlanta homeowners and designers.

We still get excited when we see the looks on our customers' faces when we restore a hardwood floor, one that they often think is a lost cause, to its original beauty.

It truly does transform a home!

Our inventory includes a wide variety of flooring products, but we do a lot more than just sell products. We consult, offer advice and provide expert services such as installation, stair tread replacement, design consultations, and in-home measuring.

We’re also a service provider of sand and refinishing.

As a green-certified company, we make sure all our products our Carb 11 Compliant, which means they won’t off-gas and compromise your indoor air quality.

Call us for a visit from our mobile showroom based out of Ball Ground, GA. We service Ball Ground, GA, Canton, GA, Dawsonville, GA, Jasper, GA, Marble Hill, GA, Waleska, GA, Ellijay, GA, and Woodstock, GA.

You may not even need to sand

Sometimes there may be scratches only in the veneer, not the wood itself. If that’s the case, all that’s needed is a simple wood refinishing with just a stain. If there are many scratches, black spots, water damage or dents you will need something more thorough.

Look for dustless sanding

Not to be confused with sandless refinishing, this is a process whereby a special sander that traps dust is used. It keeps the indoor air quality maintained because dust can’t fly around in the air. It also makes cleaning up easier. Do be advised, though, that no process is completely dust-free. There will always be a little, but this minimizes about 99% of it. Other things to know:

  • A finish isn’t the same as a stain. Finishes come in a variety of oil-based, water-based, penetrating and green products.
  • Consider rescheduling if the day is very rainy and humid. Wood absorbs moisture and that takes longer to dry.
  • Make sure the room is fully cleared. The process can take at least 48 hours, but it depends upon the size of the floor and the amount of damage to be repaired.