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Best floors for homes with pets

Professional Installed Floors knows your pet is part of the family. You want them to be safe and comfortable while keeping your home free from animal accidents.

We’ve been in business since 1986. A veteran-owned, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) -member and green-certified company, we’re often sought out by Atlanta homeowners and designers.

We carry a large inventory which includes pet-friendly flooring. Talk to a retailer here to determine your best option. We also provide services, such as installation, in-home measuring, wood refinishing, stair tread installation and more.

Our mobile showroom can stop by your home today, just give us a call! We service Ball Ground, GA, Canton, GA, Dawsonville, GA, Jasper, GA, Marble Hill, GA, Waleska, GA, Ellijay, GA, and Woodstock, GA.

It’s really about traction

While many think the biggest concern is about the pet accident, it’s really about traction. If your floor is slippery, the pet may run and not be able to stop when turning a corner. That results in injury. It could also happen with an elderly animal who’s prone to falls.

If the pet is senior and arthritic, he or she will probably also appreciate a warmer, softer floor.

Best floors for homes with pets

Here’s the bottom-line: It’s not a black and white issue about what’s best for pets. With some careful consideration, you can make almost anything work.

For instance:
  • Carpet has traditionally been seen as a no-no if you have pets. Technology has created some ultra-tough, stain-resistant fibers, made specifically for pets. One new fiber, Triexta, was first tested by lining a rhino cage for two weeks (the 5400-pounds rhino was equivalent to 300 pugs.) At the end of the period, it just needed to be hosed off.
  • Tile is a solution if you have a big concern about spilled water dishes because it's completely impervious to liquid. It's cold and hard, though, so just place a warm, soft bed over it. It can be slippery, so maybe I used some paw pads.
  • Laminate is durable, easy to clean and stain-resistant. Like tile, it can be slippery, but there are anti-slip paw pads.
  • Vinyl (this includes resilient as well as LVT): It is durable, strong and easy to clean. One big advantage is that it’s somewhat soft and flexible and doesn’t get cold. Don’t forget, you can get LVT to look like tile or stone.
  • Hardwood. Keep nails trimmed as they can dent and wipe spills immediately. Then you’ll be fine.