Client Spotlight: Frank & Mary Jane

New Floors Fast in the Waleska, Georgia

Every so often, the unexpected happens. Just ask our clients, Frank and Mary Jane from Waleska, Georgia. When a mouse chewed through the pipes in their fire sprinkler system, a leak soaked the floors in their kitchen, pantry and hall. New floors were needed—fast.

“We had to clear out our flooring because it was wet and warped,” says Mary Jane. The couple hired a contracting company to tear out the old floors. Their daughter, Kristen, helped them look for a company to handle the next stage of renovation.

“My daughter looked up Professional Installed Floors online, and the reviews were all so good,” says Mary Jane. Based on those, they brought in Lee and his team.

New Pecan Floors — Installed with Artistry

The couple elected for beautiful pecan hardwood floors in the kitchen, pantry, and hall. Lee used random-width wood, custom-milled to their specifications.

This project involved not just installing the new floors, but refinishing the rest of the first floor so the undamaged parts would match. Lee and his team installed the flooring to match natural cracks in the existing floors, and used coins to ensure the proper spacing.

Color was also important to this project — and Lee achieved a precise shade with a MinWax blend of Golden Oak and Golden Pecan. Three coats of Glitsa Satin Sheen polyurethane went on top for shine and durability.

A Precious Piece of the Past

There was an element to this project that made it particularly special. The pecan planks used in the flooring came from a grove of trees on the property where Mary Jane grew up — and raised her own children.

The whole family always had a strong attachment to the property. Frank and Mary Jane sold it in 2004—but they were able to purchase some of the trees for this project. Lee and the team were proud to help them integrate a meaningful part of the past into their current home.

Timely, Trustworthy, and Attentive to Detail

Refurbishment projects can often be turned around in a week or less, as long as materials and accessibility are available. This project was no exception. It only took a day for Lee and his team to patch the floors—so Mary Jane and Frank experienced as little disruption as possible.

“We had to wait for everything to dry, but the process was very fast,” says Mary Jane. “They were very efficient and worked in the best possible timeframe.”

As with most projects, Lee ensured this one stayed within the parameters of the initial quote. “They came when they said they were going to come, did what they said they were going to do, and charged what they said they were going to charge,” adds Mary Jane.

The family was also impressed with the care Lee and his team took with their belongings. As with many refurbishment projects, furniture and delicate heirlooms needed to be moved and then put back in order to complete the work.

“They were very careful—I couldn’t say enough good about them,” says Mary Jane.

Free New Flooring Consultation in Waleska

Whether you have a last-minute flooring emergency or you’ve been planning your remodel for months, we’d love to help. We offer free flooring consultations at our showroom in Marietta—or we can bring samples to you, in Waleska or wherever you’re located.

If you would like to schedule a free, no obligation consultation get in touch by calling us at 770-627-4343 or fill out our ‘request a time to schedule your estimate’ form. We’re confident you’ll love your new floors.

Home Flooring Renovation: Hiram, GA

Professional Installed Floors is well known in the Atlanta region thanks to our decades of satisfied customers and stellar review history. But for people who’ve recently moved to the area, what do they think?

Mary W. of Hiram is one such person, and her story is something that we hear frequently in our showroom — someone who is new and needs a major home overhaul, then ultimately chooses our company. We recently talked with Mary about her experience and why she would recommend Professional Installed Floors to anyone in the future.

Mary’s Full-Home Flooring Overhaul

Mary was new to Georgia, having previously lived in Florida. She moved into a home that was severely dated: original linoleum flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, hardwood in the dining room and entryway, and wall-to-wall carpeting in the rest of the house. The bathrooms in particular were a real mess.

The bottom line? “I wanted it all replaced,” she said.

Such a task would mean understanding the specific needs of the house as well as her own personal preferences. Mary went on to explore her options while being sure to express what she wanted.

“I interviewed several companies and felt that (Professional Installed Floors owner) Lee was the most knowledgeable and had the type of product that would work for me. We talked about the different laminate and hardwood options and I decided to go with a waterproof LVT throughout the house.”

Lee soon mapped out an entire project scope for Mary. This included the general selection of waterproof LVT for the entire home to replace the wall-to-wall carpeting and linoleum, staining the hardwood in the foyer/dining room to match the LVT color, and adding new baseboards.

From the Living Room to the Kitchen

The bulk of the installation took several days, which is generally expected when Lee and his team scope out a project. Flooring projects can often be turned around in less than a week as long as inventory and accessibility both meet expectations.

In the case of Mary’s house, the Professional Installed Floors team finished most of the rooms first. Then a different team came to remove the kitchen cabinets as part of a larger kitchen overhaul. Once that team finished, Lee’s team returned to handle the kitchen flooring. As the kitchen is being completed in several stages, once the remodel is in its final stages, Lee’s team will finally return to finish the quarter round and baseboards.

Even with the kitchen still pending completion, Mary loves what she sees.

“I love the finished product; it makes the house feel warm and look beautiful.”

Using the Best Flooring Company

When it comes to the products and functional installation, Mary gave Professional Installed Floors top marks. But what about customer service — an area that Lee and the Professional Installed Floors holds to a high standard?

Mary started with her intuition — she simply got a good feeling about Lee during their initial conversations. “I moved here from Miami and didn’t know anyone, so I was really trusting my feeling about Lee and his installers and hoping it would all work out.”

As the process moved along, Mary found Lee was always available for updates and answers, easing her mind whenever questions popped up. “Lee educated me on the process, kept to the schedule, updated me as necessary, and answered all my questions.”

What’s Mary’s final verdict on her Professional Installed Floors experience? “I will recommend Professional Installed Floors to anyone who asks,” Mary says. Anything else? “Lee’s wife Brenda is terrific!”

Free Hiram New Flooring Consultation

Whether you have a complete overhaul like Mary or you’re only looking at a single room remodel, we invite you to get in touch. We offer a free flooring consultation at our showroom in Marietta or we will gladly come to your Hiram home with samples for you to see.

It’s easy to get started. Call us at 770-627-4343 or click here to send to fill out a form that will send us an email. We’re confident that you’ll understand why we’ve quickly earned the trust of customers like Mary countless times over.

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