7 Steps to Designing with Eagle Creek’s Vinyl Plank Floor Design

Whether you’re designing your perfect floors for the first time or gearing up for an epic redesign, there are plenty of reasons to choose vinyl plank flooring.

But which vinyl flooring you choose can make a huge difference, in both the look and feel of your new floors, and in the type of maintenance and upkeep you can expect.

We’ve written about Eagle Creek before. We love their products, and so do our customers.

Here’s why we keep coming back to them and why our customers rave about their products – based on how they perform in seven key factors of vinyl floor design.

  1. The Variety and Quality of Looks

With developments in modern photography, printing and design, you can now get vinyl flooring that accurately mimics almost any natural material, including rare, high-end luxury woods. These days, it can be very difficult to tell vinyl from real natural materials.

Some companies offer a broader selection of looks than others. But whether your tastes run to luxury, rustic, modern, or retro, there’s a strong chance that Eagle Creek has what you’re looking for.

Eagle Creek offers five collections with a wide range of designs, from warm and rustic to sophisticated and high-end, with a number of finishes from natural to glossy.


  1. The Feel Underfoot

Vinyl tends to be warmer and slightly softer underfoot than natural wood, most types of stone, and other natural materials. Beyond that, however, some companies commit to making their vinyl planks feel as much like wood as possible, creating them with wear and beveled edges to reproduce the tactile irregularities of natural wood.

Eagle Creek is one of the best at this. They do a great job reproducing the texture of real wood, with distressed, embossed hand-scraped surfaces. Our customers report that it’s surprisingly difficult to tell the difference on a daily basis.

  1. The Resilience

Vinyl tends to hold up quite well in high-traffic areas, including commercial areas that wouldn’t be suitable for more delicate hardwood. But there are many different types of vinyl, and some are better suited to heavy use than others.

Most vinyl planks have a durable top layer that serves two functions: giving the planks a layer of shine and texture, and protecting the plank from everyday wear. Often the thickness of this layer is what determines the plank’s durability and suitability for high-traffic areas.

The wear layer may be as thin as 6 ml, or as thick as 20 ml, which tends to be considered commercial grade.

Many of Eagle Creek’s products have a commercial-grade 20-ml wear layer that ensures their flooring will maintain its shine with minimal maintenance, even in high-traffic commercial and residential areas.

It’s also resistant to water damage. We’ve tested this out by submerging a piece of Eagle Creek flooring in a fishbowl for 11 months. It came out with no damage to the product or underlying pad, so you can be sure this flooring will hold up well in areas with moisture exposure, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

  1. The Sound-Dampening Qualities

Are you installing vinyl floors in an apartment, condo, or area of your house above the first floor? If so, you should give serious thought to how well your flooring will dampen the sound of footsteps and other activity.

Eagle Creek incorporates cutting-edge sound-dampening technology in a composite foam layer called an EVA pad. This not only quiets sound vibrations, but also adds an extra layer of structural sturdiness to each plank making them even more durable.

This technology reduces sound better than more traditional materials, such as cork and rubber, by a factor of three to one.

  1. The Level of Maintenance

Vinyl is, overall, much lower maintenance than hardwood. Under most circumstances, you rarely need to do much maintenance beyond wiping the floors with a damp cloth every so often to clean them.

A big reason our customers love Eagle Creek products is that they provide the high-end natural look of hardwood, without the work that goes along with maintaining that look. The thick commercial-grade wear layer makes these planks unusually resistant to scuffs and spills, stains, scratches, human and pet traffic, and other types of wear.

  1. The Feel-Good Factor

Many of our customers are concerned about the environmental sustainability of their building materials and this is another area where Eagle Creek stands out.

Eagle Creek’s products are Greenguard certified, meaning they meet high standards for environmental responsibility and indoor air quality.

They also partner with vendors who embody those values. One of their partners is Verite, an international NGO that works to ensure fair, safe, and legal working conditions for employees in many areas of the world.


  1. The Affordability

The great thing about vinyl is that the best companies provide a look that’s almost identical to more expensive hardwoods, at a fraction of the cost. That’s exceptionally true for Eagle Creek.

Their products include a range of high-end looks including oak, cherry, hickory, teak, and more. These look remarkably similar to the real thing, but without the high-end prices.

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Product Spotlight: Eagle Creek’s Harbor Collection

We’re big fans of Eagle Creek. Technically a division of Home Legend, Eagle Creek was launched in 2015 and since then, it’s quickly established itself as a company that offers outstanding luxury vinyl at remarkably accessible prices.

They’ve now introduced a new line of luxury vinyl flooring: the Harbor Collection.

Here’s why we love it and why it’s such a favorite with our customers.

The High-End Look

The Harbor Collection comes in 9 beautiful colors, from the warm and homey Foxtail to the refined and elegant Windsor. The manufacturer goes out of its way to create a vinyl plank that closely resembles wood, including the addition of beveled edges, which mimic the slight irregularities in a wood plank. So the flooring doesn’t just look like wood, it feels like wood underfoot.

The Durability

Eagle Creek uses a high-gloss Crystal finish that contributes to the luxury look. But the finish does more than look good. It’s also remarkably durable.

The Harbor Collection has a 20-ml wear layer, a commercial-grade thickness that ensures this flooring stands up well both in busy areas of the home and in retail, restaurant, and other commercial locations that see a lot of foot traffic.

It’s also highly resistant to sun and water damage. We frequently test out flooring by leaving a sample in a fishbowl full of water for months at a time and when we submerged Eagle Creek’s product for 11 months straight, it came out with zero damage to the product or underlying pad. That’s pretty incredible.


The Sound-Dampening EVA Pad

The Harbor Collection’s underlying layer is a vibration-dampening EVA pad, which outperforms cork and rubber by three to one when it comes to dampening sound. This is mostly due to the proprietary composite foam center, which offers a high degree of structural soundness.

This makes the Harbor Collection a great choice for apartments and condos, as well as second floors in houses.

The Easy Maintenance

The Harbor Collection is designed to be remarkably resistant to spills, stains, scratches, pet accidents, and other forms of wear. The high-gloss finish is easy to clean and doesn’t require frequent polishing. It’s just as beautiful as hardwood, but doesn’t require as much effort to stay looking nice—even in high-traffic areas.


The Social Responsibility

Eagle Creek is a company you can feel good about buying from. Like all of their products, the Harbor Collection is Greenguard certified, meaning it meets stringent environmental and indoor air quality standards.

In addition, Eagle Creek works only with vendors who are also committed to social and environmental responsibility, such as Verite, a global NGO that promotes safe, fair, and legal working conditions around the globe.

The Price

The Harbor Collection offers a look that’s almost indistinguishable from hardwood, at a fraction of hardwood prices. With its large range of styles and colors, this collection does an especially great job of making a variety of luxury hardwood looks accessible to every budget.

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Eagle Creek: Affordable Quality Flooring

Eagle Creek may be one of the newer names in the flooring industry, but the brand has quickly become well-known for its combination of quality and price. Launched in 2015, Eagle Creek is technically a division of Home Legend. However, as a standalone organization, Eagle Creek has earned a reputation for delivering a wide range of options, all with numerous features and specifications while offering competitive prices.


Discover Why Eagle Creek is a Top-Selling Product

Built from a leadership team featuring a combined 90 years of industry experience – ranging from production to sales to operations – this collective of perspectives has helped Eagle Creek keep an eye on both the marketplace’s needs and the latest in manufacturing and engineering possibilities.

What sets Eagle Creek from the competition? It’s a combination of things, really:

  • First, the company knows its target market – many home buyers and remodelers are looking for high-quality budget materials, something that they can comfortably use for decades without the overwhelming cost of hardwood floors. Eagle Creek designs start by understanding that fundamental goal.
  • Second, by offering a large range of materials (including laminate, wood, vinyl, and more), sizes, and colors, Eagle Creek customers can feel comfortable knowing that they can find a product that fits nearly any situation.
  • Finally, Eagle Creek has a core set of values that ensure an inclusive and progressive way of doing business, including sustainable practices (Greenguard Gold and Greenguard Certified) and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility endeavors.

All of these things help deliver the message that, despite its relatively short existence in the industry, Eagle Creek is a company that truly makes a difference in the world of flooring. But the products themselves offer the best examples of this.

Let’s take a look at products that have become favorites among both customers and staff here at Professional Installed Floors.

Eagle Creek Product Spotlight

Eagle Creek offers a full range of solid flooring products. From vinyl to laminate, engineered to true hardwood floors, Eagle Creek has something for everyone. What’s the common denominator with all of their products? After working with Eagle Creek products for several years, it’s clear that they have an overall commitment to quality as well as truly understanding the market’s needs for competitive pricing. Here are some of the products we commonly recommend to Professional Installed Floors customers:

SyncoreX: At Professional Installed Floors, the SyncoreX line may just be our top-selling product. There’s a good reason for that too. While all Eagle Creek products come with a high level of quality, SyncoreX is their top-tier selection. An engineered vinyl product, SyncoreX goes beyond the standard water-resistant nature of most Eagle Creek products for a more durable design. This provides 100% waterproof hardware, in addition to strong impact resistance and longevity, even in high-traffic areas. In general, luxury vinyl flooring tends to have more give due to its natural compression and expansion, making for an overall more comfortable step.

The result is what Eagle Creek has dubbed Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) – engineered to be both beautiful and durable while also ensuring competitive prices for an eager marketplace. SyncoreX LVPs come in a range of colors and sizes, bringing top-of-the-line choices within reach, even for budget customers.

A perfect fit for:  Customers that need an extra level of durability and liquid resistance, such as pet owners, families with multiple small children, or in homes featuring a significant amount of foot traffic.

Laminate: Engineered with a durable, dense fiberboard core and classic wood-grain visuals, Eagle Creek’s laminate flooring collections represent some of the company’s most popular products. While not as durable as SyncoreX, the laminate collections tend to be a little more cost-efficient. The tradeoff is the big picture.

Laminate materials work best for homes experiencing lighter traffic or for households that may consider remodeling in about 10 years rather than 20 or more. Water is also a factor, as laminate flooring upholds Eagle Creek’s standards for water resistance but not to the level of SyncoreX’s 100% waterproof capabilities. In exchange for those traits, the laminate flooring collections are easier to install and offer a lower per-plank price. When combined with options for species appearance and stain options, laminate floors are sensible and effective choices for busy homeowners that don’t have to cater to special durability needs.

A perfect fit for:  Customers on a budget that don’t have to worry about regular spills/water exposure or extreme foot traffic conditions.


Hardwood: In addition to engineered products, Eagle Creek offers traditional hardwood flooring. With five different collections to complement a range of sizes, styles, and needs, Eagle Creek’s hardwood products still offer the unique budget-conscious value that the company has become known for, but in the realm of true hardwood flooring.

The result is, as Eagle Creek says, a “world without limits”: contemporary to traditional styles, distressed to hand-scraped finishes, unique patterns to rustic looks, all in a wide range of colors. Eagle Creek’s hardwood floors are simply one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring the luxury of hardwood flooring into your home or business.

A perfect fit for: Customers that want true hardwood floors and aren’t limited by the various factors that generally require engineered options (extreme heat/cold, exposure to moisture, etc.).


Need To Know More About Eagle Creek?

All of the info above should make one thing abundantly clear: Eagle Creek products offer a diverse range of cost-effective products, all designed to meet just about any situation. In fact, there’s little that we at Professional Installed Floors don’t love about Eagle Creek; there’s a simple reason why they’ve established themselves in the industry so quickly. (However, we wouldn’t recommend their bamboo flooring — but it’s nothing against them. In general, we don’t recommend any bamboo flooring regardless of manufacturer, though that’s a discussion for another time.)

So whatever your situation — whether you have a quiet life or you frequently entertain, whether you have animals or not, whether your children are young or only visit as adults for the holidays, Eagle Creek has a product for you.

If you’re looking at remodeling the floors in your home — whether it’s just one room or the entire home — it’s worth your time to consider their wide range of solid flooring options. We invite you to visit our Marietta showroom to see for yourself. Come with your questions about your budget, space, or any unique constraints you might have. Eagle Creek’s products are versatile enough to satisfy just about any space, and we’re happy to pass our expertise onto you.