We know our name says Professional Installed Floors but we do offer other elements of home design and construction, all to deliver the exact look and feel you want. This means going beyond just flooring and looking at what can transform walls into something more.

It wasn’t too long ago that this type of aesthetic required a hefty bit of construction and higher budgets, but modern wall tiles have changed that. In particular, we’re big fans of Vercade Wall Fashion products — and we’re pretty sure you’ll be too.

How Wall Tiles Can Transform Your Home

Why do we love these products? Simply put, it’s the same reason why we love flooring products from Dream Weaver carpet, Palmetto Road, and other reliable vendors — their products are durable, stylish, and easy to install, in addition to being affordable. Put that together and you’ve got a recipe for bringing top-of-the-line wall possibilities without breaking the bank.

What Is Vercade Wall Fashion?

If you look at photos from the 1970s, you’ll see a lot of natural elements used in walls. Rock faces, bricks, wood (usually dark); back then, it provided variety and sense of warmth but at the same time, those styles could often feel dark and a bit claustrophobic. The issue was the availability of materials, cost, and installation. Back then, high-level tiling was often expensive and difficult to install, so it was left for large budgets, and even then, choices remained limited.

Today, wall tiling comes in many shapes and sizes, and installation technology has greatly evolved, making it a much simpler process. In terms of budget, prices have come down too, so even for the everyday home, wall tiling can be used to transform the look of a home in a way that paint simply can’t (and let’s not even talk about wallpaper).

While Vercade Wall Fashion products look like true wood or stone, they’re actually made of a sturdy composite vinyl. The result is that they offer all of the durability and benefits of vinyl — including 100% waterproof capabilities — while delivering the aesthetics of natural products. The result is a lightweight and beautiful product that delivers flexibility in ways previously unseen in the home decor industry.

Part of the reason we love Vercade Wall Fashion products stems from the ease of installation. In short, Vercade tiles can be installed on nearly any flat surface (note: while the tiles are 100% waterproof, they are not for use in direct water-contact such as shower surrounds; however, adjacent dry walls in bathrooms or powder rooms are perfect); Vercade recommends using approved adhesive or tape for installation. For home flooring, we often talk about quick turnarounds, and that’s the same thing with Vercade Wall Fashion — we’ll be in and out thanks to how simple the company has made installation.

Six Ways To Use Vercade Wall Fashion Products

Technical specifications are all well and good, but how do Vercade Wall Fashion products work in action? Here are six ways we recommend using Vercade in homes and businesses:

br>Better Than Wood: If your home has any leftover wood looks from original 1970s or 1980s construction, here’s an easy way to modernize. Let’s say you like the idea of wood paneling but simply don’t want it to look so dated, or you find the color clashes with the other modern elements in your home. Vercade Wall Fashion gives you options for keeping the same vibe, but using a cooler tone and a more stylish vibe. With a number of wood-based looks, Vercade’s catalog offers choices in color and style, even orientation of wood slats (horizontal, vertical, even W-shaped lines), all in subtle-but-beautiful tones that feel both timeless and modern.

Bold Choices: If you want to leave a bold impression on your wall space, here’s a simple way to do it. There’s no need for outrageous decor or loud paint choices; with smart use of Vercade Wall Fashion, you can have a look that is striking without being obnoxious, something that blends in with the surroundings while also leaving a lasting impression in color and texture. There are multiple layers of choices here. First, there’s the overall texture of the tile choice, from wood to stone. Then there’s the pattern within each piece, with options such as basketweave, horizontal, brick, and more. And on top of that, there’s the possibility of using different tile selections together. For example, we’ve found that alternating between Limestone and Mist in a checkerboard pattern creates a stunning visual, something that stays in the mind without being too intrusive or loud.

Subtle Bedroom Color: Bedrooms are meant to be the soft place you land after a taxingday. Most of us want our bedroom to look and feel relaxing rather than bold or striking. Vercade Wall Fashions provide a number of options to achieve that while still making a room more modern and more interesting than the simple blank wall. Using subtle colors and soft wood patterns allow a bedroom to have a touch of warmth, drawing the eye to something beyond the standard flat colored wall. At the same time, something like this never gets too loud, seamlessly bringing it to part of the space without ever becoming the defining focus of the room. After all, it’s the place where you want to curl up under the covers after a long day — and the first thing you see when you wake up, so the right tone (literally and figuratively) is essential.

Commercial Accents: In the commercial sector, there’s significantly more leeway for a room’s aesthetics. Whether that’s a restaurant, bar, or storefront, presentation makes a big difference in enticing the customer. At the same time, choices should be made to work with the location’s branding and identity. Vercade Wall Fashions provide flexibility to create the proper environment for customers while also adding accents to screens, paint, vinyl wall decals, and other branding elements. This combination makes for the best of all worlds: an elegant and modern look that also connects with customers while ultimately integrating into the brand’s identity.

Backsplash: One of the fastest ways to add a sense of style to a bare-bones kitchen is the backsplash. But while this does wonders for a kitchen’s looks, it also needs to be functional as well. Vercade Wall Fashions achieves both. First, Vercade’s easy installations mean that a backsplash can be added to just about any kitchen configuration. Second, the range of material and pattern options offers a solution for just about any type of aesthetic. Finally, the durable materials are easy to clean and can withstand the rigors of even the most adventurous home chef.

 Consultation For Vercade Wall Fashion

For our Atlanta-area customers, we invite you to contact us for a consultation. That means you can either come into our Marietta showroom to see Vercade samples for yourself, or you can invite us to your home to examine your space. Either way, we’re confident that you’ll marvel at the stunning aesthetics and easy installation that comes with Vercade Wall Fashion.