When choosing a contractor to install your floors, there are a lot of factors to consider. One is the products they offer and their level of familiarity with those products.

Another is their level of service and knowledge and this is a little more difficult to judge, especially if you don’t have industry expertise yourself.

An experienced flooring installer will do many things to ensure the best possible outcome on each job—and you may never realize what they did. You just know that these are the best, most robust, and most beautiful floors you’ve ever had, and at a great cost.

Here are a few of the extra things we do for customers, that you should consider asking about when choosing an installer for your next flooring project.

Pre-installing Unfinished Wood

There’s a lot that goes into the installation process and that includes before the wood is even laid down.

Before installing a new wood floor, we perform moisture-level and acid tests on the sub-floor to determine its species and make sure it’s compatible with the new flooring. We also check its strength to ensure it’s substantial enough to support the new floor.

We double-check the direction of the joists – the structural support beams beneath the floor – to confirm we’re installing in the right direction. We always install across the joist for added strength and stability.

We also measure door clearances to make sure the new wood will fit seamlessly beneath the threshold of each doorframe. If you don’t do that, the doors may have to be recut, which can add to your costs.

Finally, we deliver the flooring and acclimate it at the customer’s location. Acclimation is a necessary step for hardwood floors, as the new hardwood needs to reach a moisture content level that is equal to that of its environment.

This process usually takes a minimum of three days. If you don’t take this step, the wood could expand, shrink, or distort after installation.

Working with big-box stores throughout the years, we’ve learned that most salesmen don’t have the experience to take these steps.

That leaves homeowners in a bind when they find their brand-new hardwood floors aren’t compatible with their sub-floor, the planks don’t fit beneath their doors, or the flooring warps after installation.

Our exhaustive process helps the customer avoid costly, unpleasant surprises; enables a faster and more accurate installation process; and makes a wider selection of products possible.

Installing Wood Floors

When we arrive on installation day, we check the moisture levels of the new wood and existing sub-floor materials – ideally, these should be in equilibrium.

We install a 15-lb felt vapor barrier, lay out the wood at cross angles with the joists, and then secure it under exacting National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) industry standards.

Installing beautiful hardwood floors is an art as well as a science. We use only the highest-quality NWFA-graded materials, and we install on a straight lay pattern, creating simple and contemporary designs to enhance the natural beauty of the hardwood.

Sanding and Finishing

When it comes to bringing out the natural sheen and beauty of hardwood floors, the sanding and finishing process is crucial.

Our team is especially skilled at this stage, so much that we’ve been called on to handle hundreds of delicate restoration projects.

Some of our most memorable projects include restoring the flooring in Charleston’s historic homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo; and restoring an old coal camp home in eastern Kentucky.

In fact, we’re one of the only crews in the Atlanta area that still provides traditional tung oil and wax finishes.

A Look Tailored to You

We offer our customers a truly custom floor that they can tailor to their own preferences from start to finish, with as much professional guidance as they need to achieve a beautiful look that’s uniquely theirs.

Our customers are involved in every part of the process, from selecting the wood to choosing the stain and polyurethane sheen.

This results in custom floors that truly match each customer’s personality, preferences and decor—in a way few of our competitors can replicate.

Get an in-home Flooring Consultation

A lot goes into installing, sanding, and polishing hardwood flooring to create a truly unique, custom look. Ensure your installation is smooth and stress-free when you work with a professional with a strong record of success and decades of experience.

If you’re considering installing new hardwood floors, we’d love to help. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

Our traveling showroom will come to you and you’ll be able to choose the best flooring for your decor, with the help of our knowledgeable team.