We’re big fans of Eagle Creek. Technically a division of Home Legend, Eagle Creek was launched in 2015 and since then, it’s quickly established itself as a company that offers outstanding luxury vinyl at remarkably accessible prices.

They’ve now introduced a new line of luxury vinyl flooring: the Harbor Collection.

Here’s why we love it and why it’s such a favorite with our customers.

The High-End Look

The Harbor Collection comes in 9 beautiful colors, from the warm and homey Foxtail to the refined and elegant Windsor. The manufacturer goes out of its way to create a vinyl plank that closely resembles wood, including the addition of beveled edges, which mimic the slight irregularities in a wood plank. So the flooring doesn’t just look like wood, it feels like wood underfoot.

The Durability

Eagle Creek uses a high-gloss Crystal finish that contributes to the luxury look. But the finish does more than look good. It’s also remarkably durable.

The Harbor Collection has a 20-ml wear layer, a commercial-grade thickness that ensures this flooring stands up well both in busy areas of the home and in retail, restaurant, and other commercial locations that see a lot of foot traffic.

It’s also highly resistant to sun and water damage. We frequently test out flooring by leaving a sample in a fishbowl full of water for months at a time and when we submerged Eagle Creek’s product for 11 months straight, it came out with zero damage to the product or underlying pad. That’s pretty incredible.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

The Sound-Dampening EVA Pad

The Harbor Collection’s underlying layer is a vibration-dampening EVA pad, which outperforms cork and rubber by three to one when it comes to dampening sound. This is mostly due to the proprietary composite foam center, which offers a high degree of structural soundness.

This makes the Harbor Collection a great choice for apartments and condos, as well as second floors in houses.

The Easy Maintenance

The Harbor Collection is designed to be remarkably resistant to spills, stains, scratches, pet accidents, and other forms of wear. The high-gloss finish is easy to clean and doesn’t require frequent polishing. It’s just as beautiful as hardwood, but doesn’t require as much effort to stay looking nice—even in high-traffic areas.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

The Social Responsibility

Eagle Creek is a company you can feel good about buying from. Like all of their products, the Harbor Collection is Greenguard certified, meaning it meets stringent environmental and indoor air quality standards.

In addition, Eagle Creek works only with vendors who are also committed to social and environmental responsibility, such as Verite, a global NGO that promotes safe, fair, and legal working conditions around the globe.

The Price

The Harbor Collection offers a look that’s almost indistinguishable from hardwood, at a fraction of hardwood prices. With its large range of styles and colors, this collection does an especially great job of making a variety of luxury hardwood looks accessible to every budget.

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