“Rigid Core” is a type of vinyl flooring with an enhanced rigid core made from a composite of polymer and stone.

This flooring is usually produced in solid planks, designed to look exactly like wood. While older, outdated vinyl can have a flimsier feel, Rigid Core vinyl flooring feels sturdy underfoot, remarkably like wood. It also comes with added benefits, it’s waterproof and remarkably resistant to stains, dents, scratches, and other forms of wear.

Lots of companies manufacture Rigid Core flooring. One company we consistently recommend to our clients is MSI, manufacturer of high-end luxury vinyl flooring that’s remarkably affordable.

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MSI vinyl flooring is more complex than meets the eye and each layer comes with its own unique qualities. These include:

Backing: A sound-reducing pre-attached underlayer that softens the feel underfoot, for added comfort. The sound-reduction properties make the flooring great for apartments, condos, and upstairs installation.

Uniclic underlayer: An interlocking system that makes the flooring easy to install—and ideal for do-it-yourself projects.

The Rigid Core: A super-tough combination of limestone and polymer that makes the flooring highly stable, durable, and 100% waterproof. It’s this layer that helps the planks keep their shape when exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures, so they won’t warp or peel.

Printed vinyl layer: Created using top-of-the-line digital photography and printing technology, the patterns available with high-end luxury vinyl flooring are remarkably realistic. MSI offers a wide range of beautiful looks, from rustic to high-end to traditional.

Scratch- and dent-resistant wear layers: MSI uses Crystalux, a material that’s remarkably resistant to scratches, dents, scuffs, and sun damage even in high-traffic areas. For a more refined look, it also gives the flooring its shine.

Often, the thickness of the wear layer is just as important as the thickness of the plank itself, if not more so, in judging durability. MSI offers a variety of thickness levels, ranging from 12 ml to commercial-grade 20 ml. This keeps the flooring looking great even in commercial and high-traffic residential areas.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

Applications of MSI Rigid Core Vinyl

Like wood, not every type of vinyl is ideal for all areas of the house or for commercial applications. But MSI’s Rigid Core line of products has the toughness, durability, and environmental qualities that make it a great choice almost everywhere.

We’ve seen MSI flooring stand up well in any room of the house, including basements. And, when we submerged pieces of it in a fishbowl for 10 months, because we had to test for ourselves, it came out damage-free, with no mold.

MSI Flooring for the Home

As beautiful as wood is, it’s not always best suited to places where flooring would be exposed to excess moisture or temperature changes such as the bathroom or kitchen, for example. And if you install it in high-traffic areas of the house, you may have to do some consistent maintenance to keep it looking nice.

Because of its durability and waterproof qualities, Rigid Core vinyl will keep its high-end look, even in the bathroom or kitchen, entryways, living rooms, and other high-traffic areas.

One thing that makes MSI’s vinyl flooring remarkably suited to residential use is the Crystalux wear layer. It’s designed to resist the rigors of everyday life including scuffs and scratches, pet accidents, spills and stains, and sun damage. MSI’s Rigid Core vinyl flooring is warranty-backed for residential use.

MSI Flooring for Commercial Areas

The rigors of residential life pale in comparison to the kind of wear you might see on a floor in a busy restaurant or store and even in some office environments. All the things that make MSI’s luxury flooring so well-suited to heavy residential use also make it ideal for commercial settings.

Several of MSI’s product lines are protected by a commercial-grade 20-ml version of Crystalux, giving it additional strength and durability in areas with heavy foot traffic. MSI offers several types of warranties for commercial and light commercial use.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

Our Clients’ Experience

While it’s not the only vinyl flooring we work with, we’ve found our clients are delighted with MSI products—and their product range is broad enough that there’s something for everyone.

Of the four Rigid Core collections they carry, we’ve found our clients especially love two: Cyrus and Prescott.

The Cyrus Collection comes in 15 unique looks, offering a broad range that satisfies most design sensibilities. It offers a durable 12-ml wear layer and a lifetime residential warranty.

The Prescott Collection comes in 7 colors that range from traditional to rustic. It’s especially durable, with a commercial-grade 20-ml wear layer. MSI backs it with lifetime, 10-year light commercial, and 5-year commercial warranties.

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