With the success of HGTV and DIY network shows, we hear from increasing numbers of homeowners excited to install their own flooring. But these projects can be complex for those without professional experience and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible to make costly mistakes.

This year, we received so many calls from homeowners looking for advice on installing their own flooring that we developed a special service especially for them.

For a very affordable flat fee of $175, our pros will evaluate your space and goals, conduct professional measurements, and deliver recommendations tailored to your project – on everything from material choice and quantity to sub-floor installation, adhesive selection, moisture protection, sound muffling issues, and more.

We’ve found that choosing materials is often one of the most complex questions DIY homeowners have to answer—and many of the other issues and choices surrounding flooring installation stem from the kind of material you choose.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

Some of your options and things to consider when choosing materials for your own DIY projects include:

Laminate, LVT, LVP, and Rigid Core: These are all different synthetic alternatives to hardwood. The differences are as follows:

  • Laminate is made of wood byproducts bonded with resin, covered with a transparent plastic top layer.
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) and LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) are both high-end synthetic options that reproduce the look and feel of real wood and stone.
  • Rigid Core is engineered vinyl flooring that has an enhanced-strength composite core for added stability.
One of the biggest issues when choosing a hardwood alternative is quality. The difference between a high-end laminate or luxury vinyl product and a lower-quality option is profound, in both appearance and durability.

Our pros are well-equipped to help DIY homeowners pick a synthetic flooring product within their price range without sacrificing appearance or quality.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

Hardwood: Hardwood flooring is universally admired for its beauty, and it’s the preferred option for many homeowners.

However, there are a few complicating factors when it comes to installing your own hardwood floors. They include the width of the boards, quality of materials, door and cabinet clearance, and the type of sub-floor.

Another major factor in installing your own hardwood floors is moisture content. Hardwood tends to expand or contract depending on the humidity of the air around it.

If your hardwood or subfloor isn’t properly acclimated to the humidity in your space before it’s installed, you could find significant warping after the job is done. This could result in the entire floor needing to be reinstalled.

Our pros can give you expert advice on how to test for moisture content and humidity, and how long to let your wood acclimate before installing to prevent costly mistakes.

Carpet: Installing carpet correctly isn’t necessarily easier than installing hardwood or luxury vinyl. Quality of material is a big factor, and some weaves and materials are more durable than others. Door and cabinet clearance are also important to consider.

Get professional help for your DIY flooring project in Marietta, Georgia

Floor installation can be a complex endeavor—but with a little expert advice, it’s definitely doable. Our flooring detail service provides DIY clients with the guidance they need to install beautiful floors and avoid costly missteps.

Contact us today, and tell us all about your new project. We’d love to be a part of it.