According to a recent NerdWallet survey, approximately two in three homeowners believe their home value will rise over the next decade. But realistically, that’s not guaranteed.

Some of what determines your home value is outside of your control: things like market performance and the dynamics of changing neighborhoods. But there’s quite a bit you can control.

Here are a few improvements you can make that are likely to boost your home’s resale value, even in a challenging market.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

Improve Your Curb Appeal

What does your home look like from the street?

The instinctive appeal of your home’s exterior can make a big difference in how much buyers are willing to pay. Looking good from the outside could translate to thousands of dollars more.

Do a walk-by and realistically assess how your home looks and how it compares with neighboring homes. Consider whether a new coat of paint, new siding, or landscaping could help spruce things up.

Renovate Your Kitchen And Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are often key to increasing your home’s value. Modern fixtures and appliances can make a big difference, but you don’t have to install expensive granite countertops or make other high-end, expensive improvements.

From our experience and what we hear from appraisers, high-end renovations tend to have diminishing returns. You can potentially see the biggest jump in value by making a mid-range update to an outdated space.

And one of the easiest, and most cost-effective, ways to transform the look of your kitchen and bathroom is to install new floors.

Flooring from Professional Installed Floors in Marietta, GA

Give Your Floors An Overhaul

Do a walk around the house and assess your existing floors from a new buyer’s perspective. Are you seeing curling linoleum, scuffed and damaged hardwood, or outdated carpeting?

If so, you may have a golden opportunity to increase your home’s value, for a surprisingly affordable cost.

Your flooring can establish the look and feel for an entire indoor space. You can transform the look of your home and significantly raise its value by making some cost-efficient improvements to your floors.

For instance, real natural wood can absolutely increase home value, but vinyl flooring has come a very long way in a few short years.

You can install high-end vinyl flooring at a fraction of the cost of natural wood, and achieve a high-end look that’s virtually indistinguishable from real wood.

Even better, vinyl is low-maintenance, another selling point that home buyers are willing to pay for.

Improve Your Home’s Sustainability

Today’s home buyers are increasingly environmentally conscious, and are very interested in energy-efficient, sustainable homes.

Energy upgrades can come in many forms from solar panels to additional insulation that makes your home more affordable to heat and cool. Improvements such as LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, more effective insulation in your attic, and double-paned windows can pay off in spades.

This is also an area where updating your floors can go a long way. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, low-VOC vinyl flooring can be another strong selling point that boosts your home’s market value.

Many states and the federal government offer grants and tax breaks for homeowners looking to make their homes more efficient. Check out Energy Star to learn more.

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